We want to say thank all of you who have supported our church. In spite of this difficult time of pandemic, your generosity and financial commitment to the church make possible everything we do as a church. THANK YOU! For those who were able and chose to increase your commitment from last year, this has a significant impact in expanding our ministry and mission. The average commitment varies by individual member, but the average commitment across our church is $2,894 per year. This average includes those who commit $1 per week and those who commit over $300 per week. The Bible calls us to give proportionate to our income so that the person who earns less gives less than the person who earns more. It invites us to consider giving the first %10 of what we earn, and I'm proud of those of you who are doing this or taking steps towards this. Whatever you choose to give to God through our church next year, if you've yet to do so, could you take a moment now and fill our your 2021 commitment card below? Thank you so much - this is really important in helping the church set our ministry budget and plans for 2021