Online Giving is Now Available!

Why We Give

We are so glad to inform you that we have set our online giving. In this time of pandemic, make your commitment to God by giving in this safe and easy way to keep yourself safe and for others. As Christians, we recognize everything we have comes from God, and we are simply sharing these gifts for Kingdom work. Through our tithes and offerings, we demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbors. Each year, we ask our members to commit to their tithes and offerings for the coming year in support of our church's ministry and mission. We do this for three reasons:

  • All we have is a gift from God, so we believe that giving to God's work is an act of worship.
  • At New Life, giving is an expectation of membership. The church does not specify how much an individual should give, but we hope each person will commit a percentage of their income and increase that amount as they are able.
  • Annual giving makes possible: worship, programs for children and youths, Bible studies, small groups, pastoral care and support, mission trips, community service, and building and operational needs.