Here are some updates for you, so you never have to miss out!

Broadcasting/Live Stream Update

Praise be to God that we have been gifted a new camera to update our livestream and broadcasting! Because of this, our broadcasting and livestream are temporarily paused and will be updated as soon as possible! However, services are still being held in person every Saturday evening at 5:30PM. Feel free to join us in person and continue to worship!

Confirmation Classes

We have officially began confirmation classes as we are continuously guiding our Youth to serving our God. Please Celebrate these youth with us and encourage their journey in any way you can!

Squid Games Christmas Party

We believe if we must celebrate someone along with Jesus on Christmas Eve, it would be our children who have made another halfway through the school year in a pandemic wearing masks during school hours.

We want to recognize and celebrate all of our children, parents, and everyone with fun activities, prize, and foods. So, join us for our Community Christmas Party on December 24 at 4pm! Bring your friends!