• Kyungsu Park

    lead pastor

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    Reverend Kyungsu Park has been in full time ministry since 2009. He has served as a youth pastor, a young-adult ministries pastor, and has been serving in appointed ministry since 2012.


    He enjoys new experiences, getting to know new people, and has a heart for the unchurched. Pastor Park is passionate about proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He believes that the people called the Church are the primary means of grace through which the world can come to know, grow, and show others about God’s love, grace, and mercy in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, he will use his talents and spiritual gifts to empower and equip the Church for mission.


    Pastor Park prays—with his eyes closed, with his eyes open, sitting, standing, walking, hiking, driving, writing, drawing, waiting…. He believes that prayer is absolutely essential for vigorous and vital faith formation. He also believes that prayer doesn’t have to be a chore.


    Reverend Park is married to the love of his life, Ann. They are happy parents to their ten-year old son, Jeremiah.  Eli, a border collie, considers the Parks his family and has trained them to take him for walks, pick up after him, throw a Frisbee, and provide meals and treats on a daily basis. 


    Pastor Park’s interests include but are not limited to: the visual arts (drawing, painting, and photography), martial arts, and playing sports. In the winter he enjoys sledding with Jeremiah and snowboarding.


    When not being active, he loves to eat. Apart from that, he loves to read as well, everything from theological tomes to the latest graphic novels. However, most of his reading is devoted to what Jeremiah calls, “God books.”


    “Come, let us journey together and go where God leads!” ~ Kyungsu Park